Welcome to Rosane Wechsler, L.C.S.W.

Rosane Wechsler, L.C.S.W. is a clinical psychotherapist, working in private practice in Miami.  Rosane, graduated in clinical psychology, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1980 and earned a masters degree in clinical social work in New York, at Adelphi University, in 1984.

Ms. Wechsler has been in private practice for the past 18 years. She worked in New York and for the last 11 years, has had private practice in Miami seeing patients in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Trained by Dr. Brian Weiss, in past –life therapy, Rosane has integrated a strong clinical background, with Dr. Weiss' techniques to help patients who suffer from anxiety, depression, phobias, psychosomatic illnesses and various psychological disorders.

The main focus of past life regression therapy is to help the individual to live a more integrated life style, to live in the present moment, to realize his/hers connectedness to the universe, and to participate in the creative process that gives meaning to each moment of awareness. This is done through the use of concepts and techniques of traditional psychotherapy and exploration of the patient’s unconscious and its spiritual journey.

Past life regression helps us understand more profoundly the mind-body-spirit connection.  More and more we read about the connection of the mind to some illnesses.  Our immune system is directly connected to our minds and when we are not well or in equilibrium disease is created.

We don’t recognize that illness in our body often grows from disturbances in our souls.  States of anxiety, depression and phobias are often connected to physical symptoms and not taking care of our mind and soul can lead to more serious illnesses.

We have the desire to cure our physical body, but often forget to cure or ease deep-rooted pain or sorrow.

Through Dr. Weiss' techniques, using regression and meditation, we begin to learn how to bring awareness to our own feelings and thoughts, and how they affect our bodies, emotions and even our social life.

Since Ms. Wechsler speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish fluently, she is able to accommodate a variety of nationalities.  Her work reflects a deep understanding of her patients combined with strong spirituality.

Ms. Wechsler also leads workshops and lectures that focus on past life regression and the integration of spirituality with the healing process.

Upcoming Events

Brian L. Weiss, M.D. 2008-2009 Tour
Many Lives, Many Masters: Experiencing Your Past Lives

Date: March 8, 2009 - May 1, 2009
Sponsored by: Hay House
Location: USA Tour
Sponsored by: Hay House

Join Dr. Brian L. Weiss in this highly experiential intensive workshop—valuable for professionals and non-professional people—explores the latest in hypnotic regression therapy.

For appointments and more information on Ms. Wechsler’s work please call 305-951-8183 or e-mail us at Rosane@RosaneWechsler.com